Sunday, October 14, 2018

Viking Church of Thor?



No...I'm afraid not.

After our 27,000 step day on Wednesday we took it a little easier on Thursday and bought a 24 hour bus/tram ticket to go see the sights around Bergen. Our main target was an old Viking church.

We caught the tram to the airport, and knew the stop to get off for the Viking church. I wondered what kind of churches the Vikings built but apparently this was a Stave church built in Viking style (not actually a Viking church, which was disappointing. I wanted to see a church where they worshiped Thor).

We got off at the right stop and the directions said to follow the signs. But...there were no signs. So we ventured off in a likely direction, which was the wrong direction.

But that's okay, as we are not in a hurry to get anywhere. We wandered along through a park. Finally, we asked a woman for directions. She sent us in what turned out to be the opposite direction from what we should have gone.

But we saw the spire of a church that way, so we headed for it. It did not turn out to be the Viking church, but still very beautiful. So we took pictures, as is our wont.

We headed back to the tram stop and this time we found the right direction (by happy chance). However, we walked quite a while before we even saw the one single sign for the church. Then we walked some more.

We came to a beautiful park. The leaves were turning golden and every gust of wind blew a cascade of leaves across our path. I took a number of GoPro pictures and video. As it turned out...we had arrived at the Viking church.

It was not opened (it closed in September) but the outside was made of spectacularly carved wood. And from someone else, we heard that the inside is not as amazing as the outside, which was a little consolation.

We stopped afterward at the top of a hill and ate our lunch before continuing to the airport, for no particular reason, as we didn't need to catch a flight. But it was the end of the line. We walked around there for awhile, but it is quite small.

We got back on the tram and headed again to Bergen. We wandered around downtown looking for dinner and finally stopped at a cafe and bought two calzones.

At some point, while shopping, we saw this Norwegian version of the game Catan (one of our favorite board games. Also, we've been playing this on the train on my iPad).

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