Tuesday, October 16, 2018


So, we had very specific directions to get to our Airbnb in Stockholm (Kiska, actually). At the top of the stairs, we turned right, over the bridge and there was our apartment. A 3 minute walk. Found it, no problem.

We settled in and then took the train back into Stockholm to see the city center. We walked around the old city quarter (more on that here). Had a great dinner and once it got dark and we got tired of walking, we caught the subway back to Kiska.

Went up the stairs, which looked the same. To the right and started walking, except. It wasn't right. I was sure that this was the wrong way. So we went the opposite way, found the bridge and went over it. There was a set of apartments that looked just like ours ... except it wasn't. It was like a mirror image, but opposite.

So, now we were feeling pretty confused. So, we turned around and went back to the station. But something wasn't right there. It looked the same, but had the ticket window had been on the other side before? Perhaps it was a different exit? So we walked around it then down the block quite aways before turning around and coming back, not finding one.

Alternate universe?
I decided that we could find out who was president of the U.S. and if it was Bernie Sanders...we would stay!

But to set it right, I decided we had to go back to where we got off the subway. So we did. All the way down the long stair (that we decided looked sublty different than when we arrived), all the way back to the platform. Sure enough, there was another exit! We went up another long stairway to the exit.

This time we turned right, went over a bridge and found our apartment. Whew. That was strange! Guess we were lucky we didn't get this lost on the way in, carrying all our bags!

Anyway, made it back to this reality!

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