Sunday, October 14, 2018

Can't Make it to Trondheim!

The Central train station in Oslo, Norway

Oct 13 in Oslo

We had planned to go spend 3 days in Trondheim but we were dismayed to find all the trains booked for both Saturday and Sunday. At first, we thought this was a mistake, as did Thomas, our Airbnb host. Finally he called the station and learned that, no, it was not a mistake. They were all booked!

Apparently, every so often the cities take turns having "holidays" so Trondheim was taking a week off. Literally, the whole city. So a lot of people had come to Oslo for vacation.

Since we couldn't get out of town, we needed to stay another night but all the Airbnbs were booked up too and the place were were at was booked. So in the end we booked a hostel downtown for $30 a person.

Ankor Apartments. The place seemed more like a sanatorium where they lock you up if you're crazy. The halls were all white and uniform, the lights were bright. The workers there were very serious. There were locks on the hallways and locks on every level and locks on the rooms.

Since we had sleeping bags, we avoided a separate charge for sheets. Not excited about this hostel. In Copenhagen, it was more like a college dorm where there was a party every night downstairs in the lobby complete with beer and music! And the workers there were kissing each other behind the counter when not helping anyone.

Odd sculpture near Thomas's Airbnb, Oslo

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