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Ever since we arrived in Scandanavia (and also in Iceland) we felt almost too poor to afford even a beer. I think we paid $18 for a great 22 oz beer in Copenhagen. Even beers at the store in Norway were usually $3-6 per beer! Maybe $8-10 at a restaurant for a pint.

So, we've done without.

However, after our strange universe-hopping subway ride in Stockholm, we found the grocery store and went in and found beer for $6 for a six pack! Couldn't believe it. In fact, a single beer was about .75 c, cheaper than a Coke (which by-the-way goes for $2.50-$4 generally. Though in Sweden, Coke was about $1.40 a bottle, so even that was cheaper.

So, we bought a six pack and a few singles for dinner tonight. Hooray!

In downtown Stockholm we got off at the exit just past the train station, in the Old City area. Here, there is the Royal Opera House, the Legislature and the Royal Palace. All of it is surrounded by a river, on which I think they have canal boats.

And ... lions.

We walked around and took pictures, then found the public ferry boat (we have a 72 hour bus/train pass), but by then we were getting hungry, so we decided to do it later.

We ate at the Corner Restaurant & Bar, where Khevron had Swedish meatballs (which I figured is a must while here), and I was surprised there was no red sauce or spaghetti involved. I had lasagna. We each had a beer.

The mooses also enjoyed a fine meal and tried the meatballs.

The fire was just a video.

Interesting decor.

We got very full!

Then we strolled around the Old City some more and found a lot of narrow little alleyways which we found picturesque.

Also, there was one that had claim to being the very most narrow alleyway (in Stockholm? Sweden? the world? Not sure, but someone said it and everyone wanted there picture there). So we did it too!

A lot of cute shops too. Including this Viking restaurant (that was really expensive).

 Other shops:

Also, we found the most amazing Scifi bookstore!
More here!

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