Wednesday, October 10, 2018

... and avalanche!

We planned to train from Oslo, Norway to Bergen and take a side tour up to Flam. People raved about this train ride as it goes up a steep mountainside, then back down to the town of Flam, with a promise of beautiful mountain views. To do this, we'd get off in Myrdal and take a separate train.

Twenty minutes before we got to Myrdal the conductor announced that there had been an avalanche along to track to Myrdal and that train had been cancelled. Lucky we hadn't been on that train! All we had to do was stay on the train to Bergen, and we had no tickets yet for Flam, so no hassle. Though the train did offer to bus people to Flam from the next stop, if they had a hotel reservation there. Also, they would have refunded tickets for the Flam train.

The six hour train trip otherwise was beautiful. I lost literally lost count of how many waterfalls we saw! I once counted at least 20 visible at once. There were even waterfalls at some of the stations!

The land is very green and misty, though as we climbed higher towards Myrdal, we saw snow covering the mossy rocks. The trees grew shorter and the vegetation more tundra-like.

It was absurdly beautiful. Quaint buildings lined the fjord, along with old barns and old-fashioned boats.

The buildings became more modern, once we got into the port city of Bergen. A cruise ship docked in the harbor. Among the newer style buildings the older style houses still stood their ground.

And rain. Endless rain! Though we did see a brief patch of blue in the evening, it didn't last.

We're staying in an Airbnb on the fourth floor of a building with a view of the harbor.

(Okay, I'm a little behind on blogging, but just getting this set up tonight after being hassled for an hour about "verifications" from each email and gmail etc).

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